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Welcome to DebateLab

DebateLab brings together scholars who

  • study normative models of reasoning and argumentation;
  • carry out logical analyses of policy debates and scientific controversies;
  • develop methods and tools to improve the argumentative quality of public reasoning.  

DebateLab is hosted at KIT's Institute of Philosophy / ITZ (working group political philosophy and argumentation theory).

For additional info see our research activities or contact Gregor Betz.


News and Notes

Summer School Argument Analysis

Together with Uni Bern, we organize a 4-day workshop on argument analysis in Abtei Lichtenthal at Baden-Baden (31/05-03/06). For more info, please consult the


Argumentation Games

We develop and try out ideas for argumentation and debating games at an informal workshop, Feb 8 2018, 18-22h. The event takes place at ZKM's Open Codes exhibition. Interested in joining us? Then please leave a


Online Participation in Decision Processes

DebateLab co-organized and contributed to an interdisciplinary workshop on online participation, held from 09 to 10/11/2017 at KIT.

Workshop program...
Mini Opinion Map

OpMAP is a tool for eliciting, analysing and visualising opinion data about controversial issues. It integrates methods from formal argumentation theory, network analysis, and graph drawing. An opinion map about what you should eat is currently displayed at the Open Codes exhibition at ZKM.

OpMAP project page ...
Populist Argumentation

David Lanius has carried out an in-depth analysis of populist, right-wing argumentation in Germany.

Argument analysis...
Ten Rules for Having a Good Discussion

David Lanius and Romy Jaster have compiled a list of 10 rules that may prevent a debate from escalating. Their article is published with Zeit Online.

Ten rules ...
Dan Singer
Visiting Scientist

Dan Singer from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, is visiting DebateLab from June 18 to June 25.

Personal homepage...
Argumentation and Opinion Dynamics

An international workshop, to be held at June 19, which explores ways of representing argumentation in multi-agent models of opinion dynamics.

Workshop Agenda...

Judgment Aggregation meets Argumentation

Interdisciplinary Workshop with scholars from KIT and HHU Düsseldorf, held at Feb 2, 2017.

Workshop Agenda...
Cover Debate Dynamics
Debate Simulations

Debate Dynamics: How Controversy Improves Our Beliefs. Betz, G. Synthese Library. Published with Springer, 2013. [Youtube teaser]

Book at Springer...
Cover Dung
Critique of Dung

"Assessing the epistemological relevance of Dung-style argumentation theories." Betz, G. Ann Math Artif Intell (2016) 78: 303.

Article at SpringerLink...
Argunet Logo

DebateLab develops and uses sophisticated argument mapping software. The Open Source Argunet editor is freely available here. Have a look at some sample argument maps.

Argunet Project...
Cover Argumentative Turn
The Argumentative Turn

The Argumentative Turn in Policy Analysis. Reasoning about Uncertainty. Hansson, Sven Ove & Hirsch Hadorn, Gertrude (Eds.). Published with Springer, 2016.

Book at Springer...